„Solving problems with Software that doesn’t suck since Tuesday, 7th of July 2009, 10:12am.“

„Solving problems with Software that doesn’t suck since Tuesday, 7th of July 2009, 10:12am.“

Do you want a piece of software that is fancy, doesn’t do much but looks amazing? Probably with some cool name and popping up windows with dancing elephants? Then we’re definitely NOT your guys. 🙁

Screw wasting money, and get software that doesn’t suck instead:

  Aimed to solve the biggest pain in your work life.

Tailored by you through all the development process.

Effective and easy to use without long training sessions.

Wanna see what we can actually do? Get your 14-days trial for free.
After that, you can decide whether we’re worth to pay for. 🙂

What do you need to do?

Explain to us what is the issue. Meet us, have a coffee with us (this part is not obligatory), chat with us like a normal human being (this part is). That’s all. After that, it’s our problem.

Why are we sure we can solve it? 

We have a team of clever and communicative developers who know how to work together,

We’ve been doing this for 10 years already,

We value readability of code as one of our priorities,

We know how to build effective solutions for problems.

How can you be sure we can do it?

Check out our bad-ass client testimonials.

 Meet us in person, so you can see we’re not morons.

Try us for 14 days for free.

Jobless? We can help!

Hey, there! Wanna work with people quoting Black Books constantly?

No? That’s okay, we thought you wouldn’t.

Luckily enough, we’ve got an offer here for a salesperson in London that requires meeting us just once in a while.
The rest of your time can be spent with whomever you desire. Hopefully, our future clients.

Download our irresistible offer here!