We always wanted to be lion tamers, but the only qualification we’ve got is a “Lion Tamer” hat. So we’ve ended up building software.

We always wanted to be lion tamers, but the only qualification we’ve got is a

“Lion Tamer” hat. So we’ve ended up building software.

We build systems that will take care of the dull part of your work.
Each system is original, built for you, targeted to solve the biggest pain in your work life.
Simply put: it‘s automation of repetitive tasks or tasks that you need to be sure are done precisely.

What can you get:


Because your software won’t quit if you give it your boring tasks. Your employees might.


Because you don’t want to be having your clients’ FAT number on your invoices.


Because you don’t want to hear about Jenny from Finance’s cat every time you need to know the current numbers.

How do we do it

1) We find out how can we help.
First interview gives us the precise information about what you need us to build. We usually pick only one problem at first. The one that can be solved easily, quickly, and helps you the most. The other issues are written down, taken in consideration of the software architecture and will be solved right after this one.

2) We build a demo version within 14 days of a free trial
In 2 weeks, we show you how we work, what we can deliver, and how well did we understand what you‘d told us. We deliver the first demo before any payment, you are not obligated to pay us a penny if you don‘t like it.

3) We agree upon full development
If you like the demo (or „a walking skeleton“ as we call it), we agree upon payment for the first two weeks passed, and financial and time frame for further development. This plan can be always adjusted by you.

4) We keep asking for your feedback, cos we want to know
We develop and continuously deliver the solution, connecting it with your current software, transferring the data from old solutions you might have so you don‘t lose them, asking the end-users for their feedback so we know what to focus at. You‘re in charge the whole time, you say how long the development will be and what budget you have.

5) We support the system and/or keep developing it
After the main part of development, we are ready to support the solution and make sure it‘s running flawlessly. This support can be transferred to any other provider of similar services, if you want to. The software is yours, you can do with it whatever you want.


6) We give the code to you so you can continue with your in-house developers or anyone else. The software is yours. We can even help you with finding the right people and training them.