What we’ve done

Befuddled by fancy words like „digital transformation“? So are we.

We call it „problem-solving “ instead, just to avoid the confusion.

These are some problems we’ve solved.

Among others, we’ve built built solutions for these lovely clients:


London based legal-tech startup that saves lawyers their valuable time and sanity.

We’ve built the MVP (Minimum Viable Product), helped with further development, and now, we’re helping them to establish their own internal team that will take over the project from now on.

Wanna know more?
Here’s an interview with them. 


International provider of tram, trolley-bus and railway tracks, and tram signalling, putting together automated tram signalling systems. Sounds complicated, huh?

We’ve built a system for creating dynamic offers. The system uses advanced calculations for fast currency conversion, bonuses, and special offers. Currently, we’re still developing the system, adjusting it to the continuous needs of the client.


A subsidiary company of a worldwide giant that takes care of all dealers within the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The system built for Mazda helps them with monthly reports of their dealers and provides them not only with raw numbers but also with an analysis of their financial health.