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Our Startup Service

Are you struggling to explain your crazy good idea to investors?

We build prototypes that will delight potential investors so they stick around and give you their money.

Or maybe you’ve just been funded but now you need to actually make the thing for your customers?

We can develop your product so it’s all ready for its first day on the market. We’ll even work with you to hand over to your own developers if/when you’re ready!


1. Prototype

Are you looking for investors? Do you struggle with explaining the beauty of your idea to them? You need a prototype of your future application.

We can deliver a prototype for a cost of £5-10k. It will be custom-made, and you can check in on how it’s going any time and give us feedback. If you’re not satisfied with the progress in the first two weeks, you don’t have to pay us a thing!

Of course, the prototype won’t work with live data and is usually thrown away after getting the seed money. But getting the seed is a mission in itself!

2. MVP

You’ve got your first investors, and your company is funded by around £150k (the limit of SEIS).

Now you need an MVP, aka a minimum viable product, so you can get your first paying customers and scale your company.

We have a history of tailored development. We focus on the main issues, filing the unimportant parts of the software under “further development”, to be addressed once you have revenue coming in.

The MVP usually costs about £25-50k, leaving more than enough money for marketing etc. As with all of our services, if you’re not happy with our work after two weeks, you don’t have to part with any money!

3. Full product development

Your company is running and is funded. But your product needs more development to satisfy the needs of your clients. You’re ready to establish your own internal team of developers, but this takes time.

We are able to develop the system after the MVP phase, and as time goes and you build your reliable team, we can pass the development to them, if you wish.

Getting good programmers is one of the most challenging parts of building a company. We know that, we have years and years of experience doing just that! So, we’re here to help you get through that process without stopping development of your product.

We can also help you with code reviews on existing projects written in Ruby/Ruby on Rails.

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